10 ноября, 2016

Компиляция и установка Cinelerra-HV 6

09.11.2016 выпущен релиз Cinelerra-HV 6.0

-Meritorious upgrade from ffmpeg 0.6.1 to 3.0.2 (referring to h264 update).
-There are no longer picons in the asset window.
-Motion tracking got major optimizations, good speedup.
-Resampling effects got new interfaces with the scale changed from floating point to numerator/denominator style input.

-Titler can load subtitle files. 
-Some work on Quicktime is in the new HV version. 
- Background Rendering now has the capability of providing an “end” point and a “range” besides the already available “begin” point.

Цитата из разъяснений разработчикa Сinelerra 5.1 William Morrow о новшествах HV 6:
  Before this mod was applied, brender_start marked the beginning and when background render operated it would render until the end of the project (that is what Raffa means by not possible to set the end -- it goes all the way to the end of the project). With this mod applied, you can now set the render_end by creating a highlight selection and then in Settings pulldown the bottom choice is "Set background rendering" which will activate the background rendering range so there is now a brender_end.  It will be denoted by 2 red hairline cursors on the timeline.